Promoting the Welsh Language. Welcome to our website.

Welcome to the Hybu website. We’re here to help you develop your charity or business’s use of the Welsh language. 

Here you can complete our simple process to create a Welsh language plan that’s unique and totally tailored to your organisation. 

If you’re just starting out offering Welsh language services, or if you already provide lots bilingually, we have resources and advice to help you move forward.

​Starting out?

Complete our self-assessment questionnaire to see where your organisation could be using Welsh for the benefit of your service users and customers. If you’re not sure what these benefits might be, take a look at our research and case studies for inspiration!

Want to update or develop your Welsh language policy?

Completing the self-assessment questionnaire is a good way of identifying your strengths and weaknesses. You can then update your Welsh language plan with our team’s help, and put together a Cynnig Cymraeg (Welsh Offer) that’s unique to your organisation, with the Commissioner’s approval. ​


Research: the Benefits of Welsh

The Questionnaire

Useful Guidance Documents


This website hosts all resources relevant to businesses and charities that do not operate against the Welsh language standards. Please visit the main website for information on the standards. You are welcome to contact us if you’re unsure. 

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