To help you put things into practice, take a look at the various guidelines below for advice on how to make use of the Welsh language within your organisations. 

Bilingual Design Guide

This guideline will give you advice on layout options when placing Welsh and English side by side when designing materials - from information leaflets, posters or letters, to websites or brand packaging. It provides examples and highlights the main considerations for different kinds of materials. 

Welsh: Give it a go!

Using the Welsh language in sport

A practical pack for sports clubs and associations on how to develop a bilingual, Welsh and English approach to sports activities in Wales. 

Technology, websites and software: Welsh language considerations

An in depth document on Welsh language considerations relating to Information Technology: websites, software, e-mail, social media and apps.

It includes useful information for individuals who are commissioning technology for their organisation, and technical detailed instructions for IT professionals such as developers and system builders on how to complete the work.

​Quick Guidelines: Technology, websites and software

A list of things to consider when using the Welsh language within technology. If you are developing a new website, have you ensured that it can be bilingual? Do you use software to assist staff in making use of the Welsh language in the workplace?

​Including Welsh in your event: how to take advantage of the Welsh language when arranging events

Whether a small scale or large event, this checklist offers ideas on how to include Welsh in an effective way.

Recruitment: Welsh Language Considerations

Support for organisations on how to develop a bilingual workplace. The guideline includes advice on issues such as workforce development, advertising job vacancies and language requirements in the recruitment process.







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