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Working Welsh materials

Using the ‘Cymraeg’ badge is an effective way of promoting Welsh language services.

Some materials are available to download by using the following links:


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To order badges or lanyards, please complete this form and a supply will be sent to you free of charge.

​Proof reading service

The proof reading service is here to help you make practical use of the Welsh language.

If you have leaflets, posters, web pages, policies or even Twitter or Facebook posts, this is a great way to have a go at preparing bilingual material.

What do you need to do?

  1. Have a go at drafting some bilingual text – don’t worry too much about spelling and grammar

  2. Send the text to the Commissioner – up to 1000 word allowance for each organisation

  3. The text will be sent to a professional translator to be checked and then sent back to you with any changes or comments

  4. Publish or print the bilingual work

The advantages

  • develop bilingual skills among your workforce

  • increase confidence in using the Welsh language

  • ensure that the work is correct before printing

  • the opportunity to have a go at using the Welsh language to benefit your charity or business

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