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Welsh Language Rights Day

On Friday 6 December 2019, Welsh Language Commissioner, Aled Roberts, will launch a new national day in the Welsh calendar, the Welsh Language Rights Day. This is a day to celebrate Welsh language services and the rights that people have to use the language.
Various public organisations across the country will take part in the campaign to promote their Welsh language services.
This is the first year for the campaign to be held; and the launch will take place at Brynaman Primary School to coincide with a new resource the Commissioner has developed for primary schools to teach children about their rights to use Welsh.
The educational resource includes a video and a lesson plan; and two former Brynaman Primary School pupils, Cai Efan Thomas and Briallen Rees-Owen, star in the video. The video follows the two around their community as they point out the different opportunities to use the Welsh language and the Iaith Gwaith badge. The aim of the educational pack is for pupils across Wales to recognise the opportunities to use the Welsh language where they live.
Welsh Language Commissioner, Aled Roberts, said: "Public organisations in Wales have been implementing Welsh language standards for three years, and these create rights for people to receive services in Welsh when dealing with them. Although people were aware that they had rights, when I asked them about these opportunities, they often didn't know exactly what those rights were or with whom they could exercise them. So, the aim of this day is to raise awareness of Welsh language services and to seek to increase their use.
"It is also important that, given the government's target to reach a million Welsh speakers by 2050, children are aware of their rights as Welsh speakers. The educational pack will teach children from a young age about their language rights, so that Welsh will become the default language when accessing services when they get older.
"The Welsh Language Rights Day is a day to promote the fact that, wherever you live in Wales, you have rights to use the language."
There are 122 public organisations in Wales operating Welsh language standards. Organisations will take part in the day by sharing messages about the rights on social media and in the press; using the campaign brand.
The 6th of December was chosen to coincide with the date when the Welsh Language Measure was passed by the Assembly in 2010. The Welsh Language Measure created the principle of language rights in Wales.
Click here to see the video aimed at school children.

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