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Welsh Language Commissioner celebrates international mother language day

On the international day of mother tongue, the Welsh Language Commissioner said that it’s important to look with pride on what has been achieved in terms of promoting the use of Welsh and to celebrate the new rights to use the language.
21 February is UNESCO’s international mother language day, to promote linguistic diversity across the world.
The Welsh Language Commissioner, Meri Huws, said:
"Days like these are important because they give us an opportunity to reflect on the position of our language, not only on its status in modern day Wales and on the journey that bought us to this point, but also to look at it in an international context.
After centuries of trying to overcome obstacles and difficulties to live life through the medium of Welsh, the law has moved on. For the first time ever, the Welsh language has 'official status' in Wales. People, regardless of their age, or background, wherever in Wales they may live, now have rights to live their lives through the medium of Welsh.  We can certainly be proud of what has been achieved, and we should celebrate these milestones
Days like this give us the opportunity to look at the wider picture. It is an opportunity to remind ourselves that the position of the Welsh language is not completely unique, and that those of us who work to safeguard its future are in fact part of an international network working towards a common goal of establishing and protecting language rights."
Look at the Commissioner’s video about the status of the Welsh language here.

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