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Effective Communication’s use of the Welsh language


Effective Communication is a communications agency, helping businesses and other organisations to promote, protect and enhance their brands.  As a company, they realise the value of the Welsh language in attracting business, and they recently completed a Welsh language Promotion Plan to introduce more of the language to their activities.

Account Director, Lydia Whitfield, explains why and how the company went about  developing their use of the language.
“We encourage the use of the Welsh language wherever possible in planning and delivering campaigns and in conversation with our Welsh speaking staff. We intend to expand the number of team members who can speak Welsh, with many of our team recently enrolling on language courses.
“At Effective, we appreciate that some clients, businesses and organisations not only prefer communicating in Welsh but that they also feel more comfortable doing so – therefore communicating with them through their first language ensures we really get to the heart of their thinking and what they aim to achieve.”
Why did you to contact the Welsh Language Commissioner’s ‘Hybu’ Team and prepare a Welsh language promotion plan?
We were keen to push Effective to its full potential and a key tool in this is maximising on one of our unique selling points – being one of a handful of Wales-based agencies offering full bilingual services.
This is more than just a commercial decision. We recognise that Welsh is a living, breathing language with many people preferring to work and live through the medium of Welsh rather than English. We see that we can play a role in engaging with them and in the process, develop and support the use of the language.
Was the self-assessment questionnaire a useful tool to identify your strengths and weaknesses? What happened after you competed the questionnaire?
Very useful. There were several aspects we hadn’t considered before getting started and the questionnaire enabled us to identify our priorities. The advice from the Hybu Team put us on the right path.
What are your priorities as you get started on the work?
To ensure that we offer the same quality of service in Welsh as we do in English. The team is very enthusiastic about the Welsh language courses they have enrolled on. One of the first key actions is to prepare Welsh language content for our website in order to showcase our offering and commitment and to continue to communicate in Welsh with clients who want us to.  
If you, like Effective Communication, want to introduce the Welsh language to your business or charity, click here to get started.

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