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An allegation of an interference with the freedom to use Welsh at Isfryn Care home

​Here is the Welsh Language Commissiooner, Meri Huws's response to an allegation that staff at Isfryn care home have been prevented from speaking Welsh.

"If two or more people wish to speak or write to each other in Welsh in Wales, they have the freedom to do so, in accordance with the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011.

"If someone, such as an employer, tells them that that they should not continue to use the Welsh language, they are possibly interfering with that freedom. The Welsh Language Measure gives me as Commissioner statutory powers to investigate such cases. 

"From the evidence I have seen today, it appears there may be an interference with staff’s freedom to use Welsh at Isfryn, Accomplish. I will be contacting the organisation to gather more information in order to understand the situation fully. I would also like to encourage anyone affected to get in touch with my office to enable us to investigate the matter fully."

Click here to read more about the freedom to use Welsh.

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