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Rights to use the Welsh language


Welsh language standards say what organisations should do in Welsh.

The standards give rights to people to use the language in their every-day lives, for example:

  • face to face
  • on the phone
  • online
  • in correspondence

How do I know who is operating standards?  
Your county council, the Welsh Government and the national parks are the first organisations to start complying with Welsh language standards. Over time more will do so, including hospitals, colleges, public transport companies, energy companies, post services, social housing providers, telecommunications companies and many more.

What exactly are the standards?
There are different types of standards. The most common are standards which state that the following services must be offered in Welsh:
correspondence; telephone calls; helplines; meetings; publicity and advertising; forms; websites and online services; signs; and visitor reception areas.

Detailed information
Click here to see all of the standards that have been approved in regulations for the first 26 organisations.

Click here if you want to know exactly what your local council or an individual organisation is doing in Welsh.

What happens if someone is not able to use the Welsh language?
If someone has not been able to receive a satisfactory Welsh language service, they can complain to Meri Huws, the Welsh Language Commissioner. This is a right.

To read about people’s right to complain, or if you want to make a complaint, please click

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