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Terminology and dictionaries

The Welsh Language Commissioner is responsible for coordinating developments in the field of standardizing Welsh terminology in Wales.

The Commissioner’s aim is to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort, ensuring that the money and efforts devoted to this field are used effectively to develop quality terminological and lexicographical resources.

The Commissioner believes that a new framework should be established which will build upon past achievements and bring together the strengths and expertise of those currently working in the field. To coordinate developments, the Commissioner convened a panel of strategic funders and key stakeholders. The panel’s aim was to consider possible models of cooperation in order to ensure the best possible provision for Welsh users. Follow this link to learn more about the work and findings of the Panel for the Coordination of Terminology Standardization and Lexicography. 
Dictionaries and terminology resources
There are several dictionaries and terminology resources available for free online. There are links to some of them on the right hand side of this page.

The Commissioner is not responsible for the content or quality of these resources but the links are shared here as they may be useful for drafting work in Welsh or bilingually.

The Commissioner does not offer a terminology standardization service or advice on individual terms to organisations or the public.

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