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Technology, Websites and Software: Welsh Language Considerations


As organisations and individuals we are increasingly dependent on information technology, websites and software in our daily activities. More often than not it is the interfaces of these programmes that we use but they also capture, store and transmit all types of different information. In Wales, so that people can use these programmes in their language of choice and in order to support Welsh and bilingual data equally, information technology should be able to support the Welsh language as well as the English language.

This advice document provides guidance on what this means; how it can be achieved; and what is involved in making an application bilingual. It also demonstrates that bilingual capability isn’t burdensome and is no different to many other requirements that must be considered from the outset when developing software – such as accessibility, security, and legislation. Indeed, multilingual support is already common internationally.

The field of technology is constantly changing and evolving of course. That is part of the incentive for converting this advice note into a series of online pages. This will facilitate the updating and amending of content in light of the latest relevant developments and research. The hope is that this will make it a more accessible resource for the benefit of professionals working with information technology and all who use and develop Welsh and bilingual technology.

Part 1
Main audience: policy makers and compliance officials responsible for ensuring that their organisation or business delivers the highest quality service for Welsh language users

Part 2
Main audience: non-technical officers involved with the implementation and use of bilingual applications. It will be of particular interest to those responsible for websites and social media

Part 3
Main audience: analysts, developers and system integrators/implementers involved in the specification, production and implementation of bilingual IT systems



EnglishTechnology, Websites and Software: Welsh Language Considerations02/04/2015
Technology, Websites and Software: Welsh Language Considerations

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