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Welsh Language Use Survey


The Welsh Language Use Survey 2013-15 is a jointly commissioned survey which provides a comprehensive picture about Welsh speakers’ use of the language.

Welsh speaking adults and children were asked wide ranging questions to find out how well they can speak the language, how often, and where, when and with whom they use it.

The majority of those who are fluent are using the language every day and are using Welsh regularly to access services and in the workplace. Additionally, there are also a greater number of people who regularly speak a little or a few words of Welsh. At this point, the number of fluent speakers in Wales is slightly lower than the previous survey (but not to a statistically significant degree).

The first year of results were published on 29 January 2015. This survey provides an insight into the use of the language, but the 2011 Census remains the authoritative source of information about trends in the number of Welsh speakers.

Welsh language use in Wales, 2013-15

To see the data for the Welsh Language Use Survey, click here for the StatsWales website.

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