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2011 Census results by Community


The map and table below are interactive. If you click on a community in the map, details for 2011 and 2001, by age, will be shown. The table may be sorted by clicking one of the headings in the first row. If you click again, the sort order will be reversed.


% able to speak Welsh by Community, 2011

Area 1
4 < 10
Area 2
10 < 20
Area 3
20 < 50
Area 4
50 < 70
Area 5
Data: Census 2001 (table CAS146) and 2011 (table QS206)
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The smallest type of administrative area in Wales is the community, which fit into and change with unitary authorities. The English equivalent is the parish. Communities cover the whole of Wales. There are currently 868 communities in Wales and over 700 of these have councils.

Care should be taken when comparing 2001 with 2011 data due to boundary changes, and the slightly different estimation process. The 2001 and 2011 Census estimates for communities in the map and table above have been calculated from fitting, as well as possible, the output area geographies to the community boundaries. In the case of 2011, the best-fit from output areas to higher geographies is determined by plotting the (population weighted) centroid of each output area to the boundary of the higher geography. In the case of 2001, for this map and table only, the output area was fitted to a community if the centroid of the area was within the community boundary.

In terms of the Community boundary, two communities (Baglan Bay and Margam Moors) had very small populations (and therefore no OAs best fitting to them). Both these communities have been attached to neighbouring communities.

The following 2011 communities were very substantially different in 2001. Stackpole and Castellmartin, Uzmaston, Boulston and Slebech, and Scleddau, all in Pembrokeshire, were formed by combining different communities. The figures shown for 2001 have been calculated through combining the results of the former communities. The others named—Risca East, Risca West, Badminton, Beaufort, Ebbw Vale North, Ebbw Vale South, Rassau—were formed by dividing former communities. In the case of those, the percentages shown are those of the communities which were split.

Data source: Census 2011, tables KS208 and QS206. Census 2001, table CAS146.

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