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6 Websites and email

This advice document provides a detailed definition (technical and nontechnical) of what a good bilingual website needs. Essentially, a good bilingual website will do the following:

  • offer a proactive choice of language, from the start of the user’s visit
  • provide a prominent language choice on every page (in the upper right hand corner of the page); this choice will not use countries’ flags to identify languages
  • on each page, the user will be able to switch between Welsh and English to the corresponding page in the other language, i.e. the switch will not take the user back to the start of the website in another language
  • when a website links to another site available in Welsh, the preferredlanguage should follow the user as they move from one site to another, i.e. Welsh pages on a site should link to Welsh pages on other sites.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and your organization’s case for Welsh language provision and how it deals with the public also need to be considered.

6.1 Browser locale
6.2 Content management systems
6.3 Domain names
6.4 Bilingual emails 

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