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Imposing standards on organisations

There is a statutory process to follow in order to impose Welsh language standards on organisations. The different steps have been outlined below:
1. Named in the Measure
Before an organisation can come under standards, they must be named in the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011.
2. Conduct a standards investigation
The next step is to conduct a standards investigation to decide what type of standards should be listed in regulations for specific organisations. The Commissioner has conducted a standards investigation to 4 different rounds of organisations to date and the standards report (which is the report that notes the conclusions of the investigation) are available here.
Welsh Ministers must consider these reports before moving to the next step. However, it is possible that Welsh Ministers may name an organisation within regulations right away without a standards investigation having been conducted at all.
3. Named in regulations

The next step is to name an organisation in regulations. Welsh Ministers are responsible for this step and usually happens through a debate and a vote on approval in a plenary session of the National Assembly for Wales.

The regulations include a list of standards the Commissioner is allowed to impose on each organisation. There are several sets of regulations and they are usually relevant to similar types of organisations.

All the regulations which have been approved by the National Assembly for Wales can be viewed by clicking on the links below: 

4. Receive a compliance notice

The final step in the process of imposing standards on an organisation is to give them a ‘compliance notice’.

A compliance notice is a document that notes:
  • which standards from the regulations the organisation must comply with; and
  • the ‘imposition day’ for each standard – which is the date from which the organisation must comply with each of those standards.
The earliest imposition day must be 6 months from the date in which the notice is given to the organisation. Each compliance notice is unique to every organisation and a copy of each one is available here.
The Commissioner consult with each organisation before giving a final compliance notice to them and will be conducting briefing sessions and one to one meetings to prepare them.

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