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Enforcing Standards

People are entitled to:

• make a complaint (under section 93 Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011) about an organisation which fails to comply with Welsh Language Standards

• make a complaint (under section 18 Welsh Language Act 1993) about an organisation failing to comply with its own Welsh Language Act scheme.

• make an application to the Welsh Language  Commissioner to rule on an allegation of interference with freedom to use Welsh, under section 111 of the Welsh Language (Wales) measure 2011.

The complaints form is available here.
The Commissioner may wish to conduct investigations in response to complaints. It can also conduct investigations into possible failures to comply with language standards or schemes without receiving a complaint.

Further information on how the Commissioner will deal with complaints, and how they will carry out any investigations, is available on these pages:

The Commissioner maintains an  register of enforcement action, which includes details of each investigation.  You can view the register here.

The Welsh Language Tribunal

Organisations and complainants can submit an application or appeal to the Welsh Language Tribunal, regarding certain decisions made by the Welsh Language Commissioner relating to complaints and standards investigations. Further information is available on the Tribunal's website.

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