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The Welsh Language Commissioner’s Assurance Reports

What is an assurance report?
We publish an assurance report every year to show how organisations subject to the Welsh language standards are implementing their language duties. We gather and analyse quantitative as well as qualitative data from various sources in order to form findings. These sources include:
  • monitoring: user experience surveys, consulting annual reports and records, and thematic reviews;
  • public engagement: discussion groups, opinion survey, user shadowing sessions;
  • engagement with organisations: feedback meetings, workshops, complaints and investigations.

The Commissioner’s aim in publishing an annual assurance report is to give an independent view, based on robust evidence, in order to:
  • inform Welsh speakers about the extent to which public organisations provide services for them, and about the quality of those services;
  • draw organisations’ attention to successful practices, and show how services need to be developed, to enable them to improve users’ experiences;
  • provide evidence to politicians and other policy makers about the extent to which public organisations provide high-quality services in Welsh;
  • show that the language duties are working.


'A Measure of Success’: the Commissioner’s 2017-18 assurance report. 

The main findings of ‘A Measure of Success’ were as follows: 

  • While users’ experiences continue to improve, consistency is needed to build trust that services are always available in Welsh, and that Welsh is not treated less favourably than English;
  • Organisations need to encourage the use of Welsh language services, make them easy to use, and understand the reality of users’ experiences;
  • Organisations need to give strategic and detailed consideration to increasing the use of Welsh when they make policy decisions, and in relation to the language of internal operations.

You can read our assurance reports below:

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