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The Welsh Language Commissioner’s Assurance Reports

What is an assurance report?
We publish an assurance report every year to show how organisations are performing and what are users’ experiences.

The report is based on varied evidence, including:
  • monitoring: user experience surveys, consulting annual reports and records, and thematic reviews
  • public engagement: discussion groups, opinion survey, user shadowing
  • sessions engagement with organisations: meetings, workshops, standards imposition process, complaints and investigations.
Rights in Use – 2018-19 assurance report
  • ensure that their provision guarantees people’s rights to receive Welsh language
  • services increase the use of those services.
We suggest practical actions in three areas:
  • robust internal arrangements to ensure compliance: checking services, performance management, using complaints and feedback, and strategic leadership and operational support)
  • increasing workforce capacity to improve provision: recruiting more staff who are able to provide services in Welsh, raising awareness and training current staff, and allocating staff smartly
  • prompting people to use Welsh language services: offer services by default or proactively, using clear language, promoting, and gathering data.

You can read our previous assurance reports below:

EnglishRights in use - Assurance Report 2018-1902/08/2019
Rights in use - Assurance Report 2018-19

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