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Implementing the standards

This page explains some of the Commissioner’s methods of making sure that organisations implement the language duties placed upon them.
We’ve stated in our Regulatory Framework that we regulate in a positive way to prevent instances of non-compliance by organisations. If you would like to read our Regulatory Framework, please click here.
The Commissioner's officers check the services of organisations in Wales that implement the standards. They ensure that services are available in Welsh (as they should be), and that the organisations are implementing the language duties correctly. This is done either in the form of an on-site mystery shopper survey, by telephone or by visiting the organisation's website. The Commissioner also liaises with organisations to ask them to provide evidence on how they implement the standards.
We hold events such as discussion groups in communities across Wales to give members of the public an opportunity to talk about their experiences of using Welsh language services. Our aim is to see whether the findings of our monitoring work, and organisations’ knowledge, align with people’s real experiences. Questions are also asked in a telephone survey. Details about public discussion groups will appear on the Events page: please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to arrange an event with your club or society.
Assurance report 
We analyse evidence to see whether organisations are implementing the standards correctly, and present the evidence in an annual report which provides a picture of organisations’ compliance as well as users’ experiences. More information and copies of previous reports are available here.
Contacting organisations
The Commissioner’s officers welcome discussion with organisations about requirements and findings. An annual meeting is held with high priority organisations, as well as workshops to help organisations tackle problems.

Successful Practices
When coming across examples of organisations being innovative and going beyond the requirements of the standards, the Commissioner publishes case studies to enable other organisations to transfer these successful practices to their own workplace. More information, and the latest case studies, are available here.
Advice documents
The Commissioner publishes advice documents which provide guidelines and advice to organisations on complying with the standards’ requirements. These may be general guidelines or advice to individual organisations about particular situations. All the advice documents are available here.

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