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Complaints form

Please use the form below to make a complaint to the Welsh Language Commissioner. This requires you to provide your personal details and to describe the complaint.
You can complain to the Commissioner
  • about an organisation’s failure to comply with a standard
  • about an organisation’s failure to implement its Welsh language scheme
  • or if you feel that someone has interfered with your freedom to use the Welsh language.

If you are not sure if you are able to make a complaint to the Commissioner, please phone 0345 6033 221 to discuss it. Even if you believe that the Commissioner is able to consider your complaint, it could first be useful to discuss your concerns, the Commissioner’s powers to investigate complaints, and how she does this.

After receiving your complaint, the Commissioner will contact you within 5 working days to confirm receipt.

If the Commissioner is unable to investigate your complaint, she will look to see whether you can make a complaint to another organisation that deals with complaints and if possible will send details to them.

Details of your complaint You should include as much information as possible in this section Name of the organization or person you are complaining about *
If relevant, give the organization or person’s contact details
Give a description of what happened: *
How did this affect you? *
How did you personally suffer because of this? *
When did you first become aware of the problem?
If more than 12 months have passed since you first became aware of the problem, explain why you did not complain sooner:
Have you complained to the organization or person in question?
If yes, when?
If relevant, what was the organization or person’s response to your complaint?
Title *
Name *
Surname *
Address *
Post code
How would you like to be contacted? (please ensure you have provided the relevant contact details) *
Are you completing this form on behalf of someone else? (If so, please enter their details in the boxes below) *
Person’s title:
Person’s name:
Person’s surname:
Phone number
What is your relationship to the person on whose behalf you are complaining?
Why are you complaining on this person’s behalf?
I understand that the Commissioner may need to share information I have provided in order to deal with my complaint. I have indicated any documents or information I do not wish the Commissioner to share. *
I understand that the Commissioner will store information relating to my complaint electronically, including documents I’ve provided, and will keep electronic records for three years from the date upon which your complaint was closed. The Commissioner will destroy any hard copies after six months. *
Please enter the characters shown above *Can’t read the text? Click “Reset” to try another. If you continue to have problems please call 0345 6033 221 and we can provide you with a code over the phone.

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