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Rights to use the Welsh language

 What are my rights?
Welsh speakers in Wales have rights to deal with public organisations through the medium of Welsh and receive Welsh language services from them.
The rights are created by the ‘Welsh language standards’ - a list of the things that organisations are required to do in Welsh, for example:

  • answer telephone calls
  • write letters
  • publish documents
  • publish websites and social media posts
  • hold meetings
  • provide reception services

Over 100 organisations currently operate the standards. Click here to see who they are.

These organisations are also required to promote the use of Welsh, provide opportunities for their staff to use Welsh, consider the language when they are making policy decisions and be accountable to the Welsh Language Commissioner and the public.
What about public organisations not on the list? 
Because of the present legislative situation, some organisations operate Welsh language schemes rather than standards. Language Schemes note what organisations are committed to do in terms of the Welsh language. Click here to see what organisations operate Welsh language schemes.
What about businesses and charities?
In most cases, businesses and charities are not legally required to use the Welsh language. We encourage them to develop Welsh language services voluntarily and we give them assistance and support to do so. Click here to read more about our work with businesses and charities.

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