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Rights to use the Welsh language



There are now rights to use the Welsh language. These rights create the opportunities to see, hear and use Welsh all around us:
  •  in writing
  • on the phone
  • online
  • face to face.
Whatever your age or background, wherever in Wales you live, you have rights to use Welsh.
With which organisations you have rights to use Welsh? 
Currently, you have rights to use the Welsh language when dealing with 78 organisations. These include your local council, the Welsh Government, national public organisations, police forces, Fire and rescue services and more. Over time there will be rights to use Welsh with more organisations, and we will update this Page to reflect this.
Click here for a full list of the organisations.
What are the bases of these rights?
The Commissioner imposes Welsh language standards on organisations, which is a list of what they must do and deliver in Welsh. It is these standards which create rights for individuals.. There are different types of standards. The most common standards are the ones which say that organisations must deliver their services in Welsh.
You can learn more about standards by clicking here.

What happens if I cannot use Welsh?

If you have not been able to access a satisfactory Welsh language Service, you can complain to the Welsh Language Commissioner. This is a right.

To read about your right to complain, click on this button:

(To remove the subtitles on this video or to change the language, click on the YouTube settings button and choose Subtitles/CC)

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