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My language rights

Since 1 April 2018, students in colleges and universities in Wales have legal rights to use the Welsh language.
These rights have been created as a result of ‘standards’ introduced to universities, colleges and education organisations in Wales. The rights vary from one organisation to another, but there are a number that are the same across Wales.
To enable us to give a clear message in our marketing campaign, we have chosen 10 of the rights that students have in most universities and colleges, even though the timetable and details of the rights may vary.   
The 10 rights are:
  • Letters in Welsh
  • Apply for financial support in Welsh
  • Welcome booklet in Welsh
  • Prospectus in Welsh
  • Welsh speaking personal tutor
  • Counselling service in Welsh
  • Meeting in Welsh
  • Certificates in Welsh
  • Submit written work in Welsh (*this will depend on the examining body)
  • Forms in Welsh
For full details of the rights that you have at your university or college, contact your Welsh language officer. Or, for a full copy of the compliance notice (the legal documents listing all the standards at your particular establishment), click here.





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