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Making a complaint

About what can you complain?
If you feel that you have received an unsatisfactory service, or that an organisation has treated the Welsh language less favourably than the English language, you can complain to us. You can also contact us to apply for us to consider a claim of interference with your freedom to use Welsh.
About who can you complain?
There is some difference in the way we deal with complaints, depending on the legal position of organisations:
  • Organisations implementing standards (You can complain to us straight away about these organisations)
  • Organisations implementing Welsh language schemes (You will need to complain to the organisation in the first instance)
  • Although we don’t have any legal powers to investigate complaints about businesses and charities in most cases, we’d like to hear your thoughts and concerns. We use your experiences as a basis to show the demand for Welsh language services and to remind them of the official status of the Welsh language in Wales. We encourage you to complain to the business or charity in the first instance.
  • You may apply for us to consider an allegation of an interference with your freedom to use the Welsh language. Any kind of organisation, or any individual, can be responsible for an alleged interference with your freedom to use the Welsh language in Wales.
How to complain?
You may complain by completing a form. A link to the complaints for can be see on the right hand side of this page.
When to complain?
You are expected to submit your complain within 12 months from becoming aware of the problem.
How we will deal with your complaints
To learn how we deal with complaints, click on the links on the right.
Investigations and enforcement
Appealing against the Commissioner’s decisions
Organisations and complainants may present an application or appeal to the Welsh Language Tribunal with regard to the Commissioner’s decisions about complaints and investigations into compliance with standards. More information can be seen on the Tribunal’s website.



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