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One of the Welsh Language Commissioner’s regulatory functions is to deal with complaints under section 93 of the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 (the Measure).

  • A person may complain to the Commissioner about the conduct of a relevant person (or an organization) in relation to a standard it is required to comply with.
  • The complainant must be a person who has been directly affected by the alleged conduct or an individual acting on their behalf.
  • The complaint must be made in writing, unless personal circumstances mean it would not be reasonable to do so.
  • The complainant must make the complaint to the Commissioner within a year of becoming aware of the conduct. Otherwise, if a complaint is made after this time, the Commissioner will only consider it if she believes that it would be appropriate.
The complainant must identify:
  • the relevant person
  • the alleged conduct
  • how the conduct has affected him/her 
  • and the name and contact details of the complainant.
When dealing with complaints, the Commissioner will focus on trying to reach a satisfactory solution with the complainant, whether by holding a statutory investigation or otherwise. When the Commissioner finds that there has been a failure to comply, she will also consider whether further action is required to prevent the continuation or repetition of that failure.
Further information on statutory complaints under section 93 of the Measure can be found in section 4 of the Commissioner’s Enforcement Policy.

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