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A complainant’s right to appeal


The Welsh Language Tribunal (the Tribunal) was established by the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 to deal with appeals and requests for review of some of the Welsh Language Commissioner’s decisions. 
A complainant may only make an appeal to the Tribunal:

  • if the complainant has made a valid complaint to the Commissioner; and
  • if the Commissioner has held an investigation into the alleged failure to comply with a standard; and
  • if the complainant is unsatisfied with the Commissioner’s determination that the organization has not failed to comply with a standard.
Making an appeal
Usually, a complainant must make an appeal to the Tribunal within 28 days of publication of the Commissioner’s determination and the submission of a decision notice to the organization. The Tribunal may either affirm or annul the Commissioner’s determination.
High Court
If the complainant or the Commissioner believes that the Tribunal has made an error on a point of law, they may appeal to the High Court. The High Court may either confirm the Tribunal’s decision or set it aside. If it sets the Tribunal’s decision aside, it must either return the case to the Tribunal to reconsider, or make a new decision.

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