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The Welsh Language Commissioner’s Assurance Reports

Rights taking Root: the Welsh Language Commissioner’s 2016-17 Assurance Report

Rights taking Root considers whether Welsh speakers’ experiences are improving; whether the Welsh language standards have led to improvements; and are Welsh speakers enabled and encouraged to use the language when dealing with organisations day to day.
The report aims to help public organisations understand the reality of the experience of people who choose to use the Welsh language. The report is based on the findings of series of surveys, discussion groups and thematic studies that I undertook during the year. The main findings are:
  • Welsh language services are improving
    The report shows that there are more opportunities to receive Welsh language services, increasingly Welsh language services are actively offered and new procedures have been introduced in order to implement Welsh language standards.
  • Despite improvements further work is needed
    Some areas and activities need further attention, such as the quality of Welsh language services and organisations’ self-regulatory arrangements. 
  • Behavioural change is required in order to promote and facilitate the Welsh language
    Organisations’ promotional responsibilities are considered on two levels: the need for services to be marketed smartly and to convince people that they exist, and a study of local authorities’ and Park authorities’ promotion strategies.

Rights taking Root is published in accordance with section 4 of the Welsh Language Measure (Wales) 2011.

Please click here to read the 2016 - 2017 report.



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