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The Welsh Language Commissioner’s Elections Reports


2016 National Assembly for Wales and Police and Crime Commissioner Elections


The Commissioner’s aim is to promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh language and to make it easier for people to use the language in their everyday lives.


The Commissioner believes that voting and taking part in elections is one of the basic rights of citizens. This report is published to help organisations involved with the arrangements and administration of elections in Wales to develop an understanding of the reality of Welsh speakers’ experiences as they try to participate in the election process.


Following the publication of the 2015 General Election Report, the Commissioner decided to carry out a further survey during the 2016 National Assembly for Wales and Police and Crime Commissioner Elections. This latest report comes to the conclusion that the use of the Welsh language within election arrangements has improved since the 2015 General Election. However, the Commissioner has stated that there is still room for improvement, and that Welsh language users’ experiences are less favourable than the experiences of those who would wish to receive information in English.


The 2016 report’s main findings are:

  • An increase in the range of documents that are available in Welsh
  • Every registration form now available in Welsh 
  • Availability of forms is inadequate
  • Inconsistency in announcing election results bilingually

Please click here to read the report in full.


General Election 2015: Voting forms, related information and declaring results in Welsh

During the General Election in 2015 a survey was conducted to verify the availability and quality of election information, forms and services on-line, together with the use of Welsh in the declaration of election results.

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