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If your complaint involves an organization that has to adhere to standards the Cmmissioner will look to see whether she has the right to consider he complaint.

Your complaint must be in writing, unless your personal circumstances ean that you cannot do this. You are expected to complain to the Commissioner within 12 months of becoming aware of the problem.

What will the Commissioner do after receiving your complaint?
If the Commissioner can consider your complaint, she will contact the organization in question to request further information to validate the complaint. If the Commissioner is satisfied that there is a suspicion that the organization has failed to adhere to a standard, an investigation will be carried out.

If the Commissioner decides that an organization has failed to adhere to a standard she may recommend what the organization should do to improve the situation, and in some cases, may impose enforcement action or a civil penalty upon the organization.

Appealing or requesting a review of the Commissioner’s decision
If you are dissatisfied with the Commissioner’s response to your complaint it is possible that you have a legal right to appeal or request a review of the decision.

The Welsh Language Tribunal is responsible for hearing applications to review the Commissioner’s decisions. The Commissioner will inform you if you have a right to appeal to the Tribunal.




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