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If it appears to the Welsh Language Commissioner, following a complaint, that a public organization may have failed to comply with its Welsh language scheme, she may hold a statutory investigation in accordance with section 17 of the Welsh Language Act in to see if there was a failure.

The Commissioner will give the organization a reasonable chance to respond to the accusations in a complaint, and will seek an acceptable and timely solution for the complainant. The Commissioner will consider the following factors to decide if the organization has responded to the complaint appropriately:

  • Has the organization resolved the specific case in question and provided appropriate evidence to the Commissioner?
  • Has the organization acknowledged its failure and (if relevant) apologised to the complainant?
  • Has the organization committed to take action so that the failure does not happen again? Has the Commissioner received enough evidence of this?
  • Has the organization acted in accordance with its Welsh language scheme when dealing with the complaint and/or responded to correspondence within a reasonable period?

If an organization does not provide evidence to show that it has taken the above action, the Commissioner will hold a statutory investigation, unless there are special reasons not to.

If a public organization has taken the above action, it is possible that the Commissioner will not wish to take any further action. However, under certain circumstances (or if an organization has not taken all the steps or has not fully implemented them), it is possible that the Commissioner may decide to hold a statutory investigation.

The Commissioner may also hold a statutory investigation based on other evidence that shows a failure to implement a Welsh language scheme, such as information in monitoring reports, information following a review, or any other information. The Commissioner will follow the same principles and the same initial action as she would follow when dealing with a complaint.

Statutory investigation reports are published on the Commissioner's website. Click on the titles below to read the reports.


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