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What the Commissioner can do when a complaint is made


The Commissioner’s current powers

The Commissioner has powers to investigate:

  • complaints about a lack of Welsh language services
  • complaints and cases of interference with an individual’s freedom to use the Welsh language in Wales

The Commissioner’s powers are currently limited, but they will be utilised to their full extent.

The Commissioner’s powers in the future

The Commissioner will have more powers than those currently available to investigate and resolve complaints when a new system of ‘Welsh language standards’ is developed in accordance with a legal process.

The standards will be a new, more robust system of ensuring that Welsh language services are made available by more organizations. Standards will be developed over a specific timescale —and the Commissioner is committed to ensuring that the process is implemented as quickly as possible.

When an organization subject to these new standards does not provide a Welsh-language service, the Commissioner will be able to do one or more of the following:

  • Ensure that the organization takes steps to improve provision
  • Impose a fine upon the organization for failing to provide an adequate Welsh language service
  • Publicise the organization’s failure to comply with the relevant requirements
  • Require the organization to publicise its own failure to comply with the relevant requirements

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