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Our History

The Welsh Language Commissioner’s office first opened its doors in April 2012.
As well as establishing the role of the Commissioner, the Welsh Language Measure gave an official status to the Welsh language. This means that Welsh should not be treated less favourably than the English language in Wales.
The measure also established the following:
  • Gave the Commissioner powers to set Standards on organisations
  • Regulate organisations, and ensure they comply with the Standards
  • Promote and encourage the Welsh language 
  • Investigate if someone isn’t allowed to speak Welsh
  • Establish the Welsh Language Tribunal if there is any dispute about the Commissioner’s decisions in relation to the standards
Click on the below links to read more about The Welsh Language Measure’s subordinate legislation
Although most organisations now comply with The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011, some organisations still comply with the Wales Language Act 1993. Organisations run by UK government departments continue to implement the Welsh Language Act.
Organsiations under the Welsh Language Act 1993 are obligied to create a ‘Welsh Language Scheme’ detailing how they treat the Welsh and English language equally.


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