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What we do



The Welsh Language Commissioner’s vision is

“A Wales where people can use the Welsh Language in their everyday lives.”

We have various teams within the Welsh Language Commissioner working towards realising this vision.

Imposing Standards

The Imposing Standards Team work with organisations during the period before they start implementing the standards (‘standards’ is the list of Welsh language duties for public sector organisations). The team decide which standards are reasonable, and then present a ‘compliance notice’.  This is the legal document which states the standards they have to meet.  More detail about the work of the team here

Implementing Standards
Once the organisations have started working under the standards, the Compliance Team within the Welsh Language Commissioner overlooks the work that is done. Do the organisations meet the standards?  Do the public get the Welsh service that they have a right to? Which successful practice can we share? More details here

Enforcing standards

If the Commissioner receives a complaint that an organisation is not offering a Welsh service as they should, the Investigation and enforcement team will investigate to see if a Standard has been broken. More details here.

Which organisations need to comply with standards? Click here

Charities and businesses


The Hybu Team work with businesses and charities encouraging them to use more Welsh, and offer support and training for them to do so.  The team also offer a free proofreading service for up to 1,000 words.  More information about the team’s work here


This team’s work is to influence policy.  Their work includes responding to consultations, publishing reports and briefing notes and meeting with key policy makers.  More about the team’s work here


The Infrastructure and Research Team’s work includes coordinating developments with regards to Welsh Language terminology and dictionaries, and offering advice on translating.  They are also responsible for the List of Standardised Place-names.

The team are also responsible for International relations, and for collating the research for the Welsh Language Commissioner’s 5 year report.  More information about the team’s work can be found here.

Central services

Offering services to the above teams are the Communications team, Governance, Human Relations and Finance.  To contact one of the teams listed, please call 0345 603 3221 or

For a copy of the Welsh Language Commissioner’s 5 year strategy, please click here.

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