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Our vision at the Welsh Language Commissioner is:
“A Wales where people can use the Welsh language in their everyday lives.”
We do this by placing language duties on organisations in Wales. If you would like to know more about our work, please click here.
There is more information about our regulating work here:  
Regulating Welsh Language Standards
Do the standards affect me?

Do you live in Wales, and receive correspondence from your local council?  Do you visit the museum, the theatre or a national park in your spare time? Do you, or your child receive swimming lessons? Are you a student studying in a college or university in Wales? The standards affects everyone who lives in Wales, and the standards give you the right to use Welsh in your everyday life without any restrictions from anyone. Read which organisations have to implement the standards here.
The Standards

If you work for an organisation in Wales, you might be familiar with the language duties that your workplace has to implement. These language duties are called Welsh language standards. The standards place duties on organisations in Wales to deliver services through the medium of Welsh, consider the language when making policies, encourage more Welsh language use in the workplace, promote the language and keep records of how they are performing their duties. Read more about the Welsh Language Standards here
How can I make a complaint?

If someone interferes you from speaking Welsh in Wales, please contact us. The interference could take place anywhere; in your workplace, or in your spare time. If you believe an organisation in Wales has treated the Welsh language less favourably than the English language, you’re welcome to contact us. If your freedom to use Welsh has been affected, please contact us with your complaint. Our complaint form is available here
What happens if an organisation doesn’t follow the standards?

After receiving a complaint, an officer from the Welsh Language Commissioner’s office will consider the case and if the compliant is valid, we will investigate to see if a standard has been broken. Following the investigation, the Commissioner will introduce decision notices. There is more information about this here.
If the organisation doesn’t improve the provision within a time limit, the Welsh Language Commissioner is entitled to impose a civil sanction on that organisation. Read more about the failure of an organisation to deliver standards here
Does an organisation have the right to appeal?

If an organisation disagrees with the Commissioner’s ruling, the organisation has a right to appeal. An independent body, called the Welsh Language Tribunal deals with these appeals and reviews the Commissioner’s decisions. Read more about this here.

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