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The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011


The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure was passed by the National Assembly for Wales and was given royal assent on 9 February 2011.

The measure

  • gives the Welsh Language official status in Wales
    The Welsh language’s official status has a legal effect, which means that Welsh should be treated no less favourably than the English language in Wales. 
  • establishes the role of the Welsh Language Commissioner
    It is the Commissioner’s job to promote the Welsh language, and improving the opportunities people have to use it. She does this by emphasising the language’s official status in Wales, and by placing standards on organizations. This, in turn, will lead to creating rights for Welsh speakers.
  • provides for the Welsh Language Commissioner’s Advisory Panel
    This means that the Commissioner can create a panel of experts to help her. She can consult the Advisory Panel on any matter. There is information on the Panel and its members here.
  • creates a procedure for introducing duties in the form of language standards
    Standards explain how organizations are expected to use the Welsh Language. Click here to see what language standards do. 
  • makes provision regarding promoting and facilitating the use of the Welsh language
    Increasing the use of the Welsh language and making it easier for people to use it in their everyday lives is central to all of the Commissioner’s work, and underpins the standards which will be put on organizations. 
  • making provision regarding investigating an interference with the freedom to use the Welsh language
    If a person feels that someone has interfered with their right to use the Welsh language, they can ask the Commissioner to investigate it. This can include
    • situations where  someone says that a person shouldn’t use Welsh (verbally or in writing) with another person who also wants to use it
    • someone says that a person would be at a disadvantage for using Welsh with another person
    • someone causing a disadvantage to a person for using Welsh with another person. Click here to find out more about the freedom to use Welsh. 
  • establishing the Welsh language tribunal
    The Tribunal’s work is to listen to cases on with the Commissioner’s decisions to do with the Welsh language standards. To read more about the work and members of the Tribunal, click here.
  • making provision for the Welsh Language Partnership Council
    The Welsh Language Partnership Council gives advice and comments to Welsh Ministers on its language strategy. To read more about the work and members of the Partnership Council, click here
  • abolishing the Welsh language board   
    The Welsh language board was the statutory body created by the Welsh Language Act 1993. Its main job was to promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh language.


Welsh Language Measure sub-legislation
Commencement orders and other orders
Sub-legilsation to do with the Welsh Language Tribunal

Welsh Language Standards regulations

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